About the company

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Peter Hart

Chief Executive Officer

Peter has been a highly successful senior manager in

a variety of engineering, operational and quality management roles. 


From a start-up company in his 20's Peter rose to become Development Director for Philips Medical Systems Oncology division; subsequently serving as Vice President of Research and Development for a leading Oncology company for 17 years.

Responsible for managing and directing global R&D activities, the company became recognised as the leading technology innovator in its field.

During his 17 years as VP the company grew its sales volume tenfold and was twice awarded the

prestigious Queens Awards for Technology and Exports.

He has served on the Board of numerous companies in Europe, China and America.


As CEO and joint owner of Reflex Imaging Peter is driven to establish a successful company in his own name. 

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Malcolm Humphrey

Chief Technical Officer

Malcolm has been a highly sought-after Consultant in the medical, scientific and general industrial electronics fields for 2 decades. His ability to develop innovative solutions has gained him numerous patents.

His expertise covers hardware and embedded software development including both Analog, Digital, and PCB design. He has wide expertise in low power design, RF electronics and real time operating systems. He has a strong interest in electro-optical systems and their application in medical and industrial products.


With long experience in safety critical product development he is intimately familiar with Regulatory compliance including ISO9001 and ISO13485.


As CTO and joint owner of Reflex Imaging Malcolm has a vision to develop novel products in his own name.


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Company culture


  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Reliability 

Reflex Imaging's quality management system encapsulates our core values of simplicity and reliability. It provides a complete company environment which focusses on achieving:

  • business goals
  • customer satisfaction
  • continuous improvement

All the supporting processes are directly deployed from these core goals to ensure a lean and efficient quality system which conforms to ISO9001.